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Air-conditioning industry out of the winter Fast Track

Release time:2015-08-21    Views:
Needless to say, China's air-conditioning industry has entered the history of the most serious period, which for any producer or seller or supplier who is not a small challenge. After a comprehensive study of local air conditioner market situation, I think, to strengthen the air-conditioning products designed air-conditioning industry will be China's rapid passage out of winter.
One thing now seems possible proof, air-conditioning products of local enterprises has reached a relatively high level, it's air conditioning products currently on the market, the domestic brands and foreign brands is different, March 6 this year, Development and Reform Commission and quality Administration announced the second batch of energy-saving products for the record situation, as of February 9, 2006, air conditioning manufacturers 73, 5197 models through the record review, China National Institute of Standardization on the current energy efficiency rating of a product on the market statistics, results show, the total amount of a product model ranked 5 before the air-conditioning business is: Kelon, Gree, Midea, Chigo and Hisense, more than the current level of energy-efficient air conditioning total reached 125, paragraph 3.4, Kelon up to 32, and foreign brands of air conditioning energy-saving products almost scanty, up to LG 6 models, from these figures can draw a conclusion that our air-conditioning business in air conditioning technology level has reached a very high level and very rapid development in terms of health, catechin, photocatalyst, lysozyme, vitamin C, silver ions, renewal wind, negative ions, independent ventilation, waterless humidification technologies are gradually appear, but if you compare the appearance of the process, then the domestic enterprises are far less than South Korean companies, It is obvious, color panel application is nearly two years of rapid development together.
In recent years local brand product line, the product process design indeed undergone great changes, the appearance from the grille to the flatbed, moreover is change the appearance of the material, as well as add human color design, But overall, our local product design is still in the exploratory stage. We predict that air conditioning products will be inevitable in the process of designing a war, so according to our ideas, we must accelerate the process of design ideas, citing the appearance of new materials, and strive to create a certain system or a style. If you want air conditioning core technology to achieve complete independence, it is clear in the short term is unlikely, however, process design can greatly exceeded this, you can completely build their competitiveness, which we quickly from LG, Samsung and other brands Rise will be able to find this out, the reason is very simple, to improve the process design tantamount to open up a path to higher-margin lines, but also to show the brand image, to achieve the high-end positioning of the line.

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