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Energy restructuring is imminent

Release time:2015-08-21    Views:
In general, the current situation is quite ease energy shortage. A few years ago it appeared blackouts last year has been greatly improved, although there are a dozen provinces, some areas still more serious power shortage. But now energy development is very fast, the investment is very high. Especially coal and thermal power construction speed is very fast, so that our energy shortages on the surface there are a lot of relief.
However, we in the energy mix, especially in terms of high-quality energy supply, the balance is more prominent out. The figures so far, the National Bureau of energy in the end how much to produce, how much consumption, they are still the final confirmation process. But from a different proportion of view, last year's rate of energy consumption still fast. Bureau of Statistics said the GDP now has 10.7%, so the proportion of primary energy How much, I think also, and various parts of the final confirmation, but now it seems, at least about 10% is still very possible.
Why? Coal statistics caliber in the first ten month growth rate was over 11 percent. Although relatively small growth in domestic crude oil, however, the number of import growth is faster. In particular generating capacity last year increased very quickly, continue to remain at 13.2 percent a few, especially in thermal power growth rate further.
As you can see, high energy consumption and export statistics last year, December crude oil imported 1.4518 million tons, up 14.5 percent, refined oil 36.38 million tons, an increase of 15.7%. Crude oil exports 6.34 million tons, reducing by 21.4%, exports of 12.35 million tons of refined oil, reducing by 11.9%.
Coal exports has decreased, reducing oil exports, the total amount of energy growth is still very significant.
From there you can see, last year, steel exports increased very rapidly last year, steel exports increased 109.6 percent, China's exports of steel products more than 35 million tons.     I recently heard a message on our steel exports to the EU anti-dumping. Of course, we also export 1.2 million tons of aluminum. This shows that the production of energy-intensive industries that we can indeed have to supply in addition to other than domestic production, a significant surplus.
These are some of the cases, the supply capacity of energy that occurred last year, a substantial increase in supply capacity in particular coal, electricity. Increase the quality of energy, mainly rely on imports.
We are actually faced with long-term energy constraints and challenges. Especially energy efficiency does not get enough lift. Last year the 4% target may not be completed. Finally, figure out a decrease or remain essentially unchanged, I think that even if the decline is very limited.

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