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Interpretation of the three new air conditioning refrigeration-year mystery

Release time:2015-08-21    Views:
Manufacturers call up why businesses shout down? Inverter technology is the leading technology in power or light? Air-conditioning business in the end there is money still be profitable? How to crack the 2007 New air-conditioning refrigeration year (August 2006-July 2007) of the "Mystery of the Sphinx", industry and consumers are all attention.
According to authoritative Chinese business network, the PRC, has just released data show that in 2006 Galanz air conditioning cutting-edge industry overall decline in cold situation, has made nearly 30% growth in domestic sales for two consecutive years to become the fastest growing brand.
Experts believe that Galanz Gree is worth faction, light flow and profitability family, "Princess Hutch" good performance in 2006 in the cold, just to break the three mysteries of the industry. Price puzzle: drop out up into the main theme of dark "One of the issues this year the price is the most difficult air-conditioning business." Recently, the secretary general of China Household Electrical Appliances Association, said Jiang Feng of the author. Global raw material prices continued to rise, despite the repeated call up the manufacturers, but Gome and Suning, represented businesses are shouted price, then the reporters a survey and found that only a very small amount of grandstanding limited promotion of special machines, the "dark up next fall "is the fact that iron, air conditioning unit price of 1,000 yuan basically disappeared, the air conditioning industry average price rose more than 10 percent, to cutting-edge Glanz and" old three "Gree, Midea and Haier, for example, the average price of the new models have a 10% over-year increase.
Profit mystery: thanks to air-conditioning the general trend is still earn less
Recently, the China Business Network latest statistics show that domestic air conditioning: 2006 Frozen annual domestic air-conditioning industry is just Glanz, Gree two have increased, Galanz is becoming more of an increase of 30 percent after becoming the largest increase in domestic enterprises, followed Galanz Gree growth Runner ; Sino market research firm recently released data show that the first half of 2006, retail sales volume fell 10.95 percent of domestic air conditioning, retail sales of 20.95 billion yuan, down 6.16%, but did not fall Galanz Gree l is admirable, come from behind against Glanz "price strategy" once again "Copy" amazing brilliant microwave. Galanz Zhao Weimin, spokesman for the author said: product differentiation, channel depth distribution, technical innovation capability, marketing innovation will undoubtedly become Glanz four trump card, but also the root causes of Galanz Gree energy and adverse economic gains across the board, but can be expected in 2007 air-conditioning brand will not make money over four.

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