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Heat pump energy-saving technology development prospects

Release time:2015-08-21    Views:
There is a growing concern in today's energy-saving heat pump energy-saving technology in Japan eye-catching. Regenerative heat pump air conditioning system using this technology can be heated or cooled air inside buildings more energy supply for hot and cold water, adjust the indoor temperature.
The new system consists of a heat pump air conditioner outdoor unit is similar to the host and the bulk holding tanks and other equipment. Heat pump works by a host of intake air, heated air through the heat pump cycle, then use hot air heating domestic water, directly available to users. In contrast to this, the heat pump refrigerant can be sucked air cooling, and provide users with cold water. It is calculated using a heat pump with the use of traditional methods compared to direct heating or cooling water, can save a lot of energy. Currently, the heat pump has started for Japan's office and the average family. Reduce dependence on imported energy, heat pump energy-saving technology to conform to the trend of the times and broad development prospects. High valve to market-oriented development of new products.
China's first WB1-WE-40FDN600 fully welded forged steel gas-liquid interaction emergency shut-off valve recently in Sichuan Zigong High Pressure Valve Co., Ltd. successfully developed.
The successful introduction in 2001, GE Nuovo Pignone valve advanced technology in the country and the region became sole owner of GE Nuovo Pignone valve production technology manufacturers. 2002, the State Economic and Trade Commission to the company as "East" series valves domestic production base, Sichuan Province, Sichuan Province Economic and Trade Office and the major companies determine the localization of major equipment companies and the state's key industries encouraged enterprises, and supported by relevant ministries and development, "West-East" series valve research project countries.
The company through the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology to produce the all-welded forged steel ball valve series products to fill gaps in the domestic market, is now widely used in major projects in the national oil and gas long-distance pipelines and other projects.

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