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[ 2015-08-21 ]Pay attention to what the use of new wind ventilators Heating
The new wind ventilators is a highly efficient energy-saving air conditioningventilation...
[ 2015-08-21 ]Note that the total heat exchanger which when assembled
Functioncentral air conditioning total heat exchanger want similar for ...
[ 2015-08-21 ]Different types of total heat exchanger
Total heat exchanger is one commonly used modern equipment families, businesses, schools, hospitals
[ 2015-08-21 ]Heat pipe heat exchanger boost the rapid development
It is understood that tube heat exchanger is mainly used for heat pumps, air conditioningso on. Tube heat exchangerrecent years the rapid development of the country...
[ 2015-08-21 ]How to clean the heat exchanger machinery
1. Prepare the compressorwater; 2. Remove the short linkerthe heat exchanger pipes; 3. Use wrench or socket wrench unscrew the heat exchanger head fastening bolts...
[ 2015-08-21 ]Air conditioning heat exchanger works
Total heat exchanger Product Description: refers to a whole new air containing heat exchange core, exhaust ventilation equipment. Its working principle is: when the product is working...
[ 2015-08-21 ]What are the characteristics of the total heat exchanger when the heat exchange
Indooroutdoor ventilation air inlet passes across the heat exchanger inside the heat exchange element of the heat exchange completely, providing fresh air to the room at the same time...
[ 2015-08-21 ]What kind of heat?
Plate heat exchanger: Cross Section, ranging sectional plate heat exchangers, plate heat exchanger channel width, narrow channels plate heat exchangers, brazed plate heat exchanger...
[ 2015-08-21 ]Air-conditioning industry out of the winter Fast Track
Needless to say, China's air-conditioning industry has entered the history of the most serious period, which for any producer or seller or supplier who is not a small challenge.
[ 2015-08-21 ]Energy restructuring is imminent
In general, the current situation is quite ease energy shortage. A few years ago it appeared blackouts last year has been greatly improved, although there are a dozen provinces...
[ 2015-08-21 ]Interpretation of the three new air conditioning refrigeration-year mystery
Manufacturers call up why businesses shout down? Inverter technology is the leading technologypower or light? Air-conditioning businessthe end there is money still be profitable?
[ 2015-08-21 ]Heat pump energy-saving technology development prospects
There is a growing concerntoday's energy-saving heat pump energy-saving technologyJapan eye-catching. Regenerative heat pump air conditioning system using this technology can be heated...
[ 2015-08-21 ]Heat Exchanger chemical cleaning technology introduced
Chemical cleaning is the latest development of a new generation of cleaning technology, which uses biodegradable cleaning agents, the introduction of new cleaning process, no corrosion of equipment, cleaning thoroughly
Address: No. 14, Chuangxin Road, Luoyang Industrial Park, Wujin District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province
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